Shri Mahaveer College


Logo’s Significance:-  Swastika in the logo represents universal welfare. Three stars below the swastika represent the three jewels of Jainism: Right Faith (Samyak Darshan), Right Knowledge (Samyak Gyan), and Right Conduct (Samyak Charitra). The Lion is the symbol of Bhagwan Mahaveer. Ahimsa Parmo Dharma symbolises the universal need of non—violence and peace and draws our attention to the universal principle of ‘Live and Let Live’.

Genesis:-The followers of Jainism embrace the philosophy of love and compassion towards all living beings – men, birds, beasts and plants. Ahimsa or non-violence in thought, word and deed is the base of all interactions. Jainism places an unparalleled accent on renunciation and service to mankind. It is a rigorous, ethical and non -transcendental system, laying a special emphasis on the aesthetic aspect of life and thought. Known for their entrepreneurial acumen and spirit of service, the members of the Jain Community focused their attention on the sphere of education by establishing Shri Mahaveer Digamber Jain Shiksha Parishad in the year 1946. Since then the Parishad has been relentlessly contributing in the field of Education through its prestigious educational institutions like Shri Mahaveer Digamber Jain Sr. Sec. School established in the year I 946 and Mahaveer Public School established in the year I 996, which have become a benchmark for quality and value based education. In the year 20 I I Shri Mahaveer Digamber Jain Shiksha Parishad had taken a path breaking initiative by launching a class a part learning centre for higher education in the form of Shri Mahaveer College.