Shri Mahaveer College



We at SMC believe that ‘change’ is the essence of life.

Shri Mahaveer College is a premier institute nurturing young minds to develop a global future. The College believes in imparting quality education to its students while focusing on all aspects of career development and personality enhancement.

Shri Mahaveer College has the finest and qualified faculty. Here they enhance the nature of the teacher-student relationship by actively involving in counseling , mentoring and self improvement initiatives. The faculty members are deeply committed to develop a quality environment to create a link between academia and the corporate by sharing their knowledge and experience.

Teaching Pedagogy

We at SMC believe that ‘Change’ is the essence of life and to keep pace with time, our faculty uses following teaching pedagogy to transform its students into intellectual professionals.

  • Use of Multimedia (power point presentation). audio, visuals)
  • Case Studies
  • Mind Games
  • Role Play
  • Guest Lectures
  • Group Discussions
  • Quiz
  • Industry Visits
  • Conferere’s
  • Live Projects
  • Seminar’s/Conclave
  • Development Programs
  • Workshops
  • Mentorship Programme

Mentorship Programme

In today’s era, the requisite is to develop a student mentor relationship between teacher and their student. This is imperative in helping the students in carving a great future for them. The college has initiated the concept of mentorship with the intent of creating a platform that focuses on mentoring, guiding, inspiring and motivating the coming generations. For this, the college has assigned 30 students under the personal care of a mentor who meets them in group on a regular basis for personal counseling as well as on academic issues.

Attendance & Internal Examination

The college emphasizes on the regularity of the students in attending classes and sends monthly attendance record to the students parents/guardian. The college also conducts regular internal examination for assessing the academic-progress of the students. The students are required to appear compulsorily in these internal examination.

Vigilance Policy

College has framed vigilance policy to oversee the maintenance of discipline and the attendance of students in classes. Our faculty members take regular round of college premises in their free lectures to build healthy atmosphere within the college.